Celebrating Culinary Excellence: Somsak Trirassapanich

We are very excited to announce our very own Chef Somsak Trirassapanich, graduated from Rouxbe Online Culinary School with his Professional Cook Certificate, April 8th. 

Chef Somsak completed a 200-hour course that emphasized the development and reinforcement of foundational and fundamental culinary skills. The course covered universal and widely adopted cooking methods, techniques, recipes, and activities that are taught in professional culinary schools worldwide. 

Rouxbe is at the forefront of culinary education, shaping the future of cooking through online learning. With the closure of hundreds of traditional culinary schools worldwide, online learning has become the new industry standard. Rouxbe offers high-definition videos, interactive assignments, and peer support to help students learn foundational culinary techniques. Not only is it recognized by the American Culinary Federation, but WorldChefs has also approved it as a quality culinary training program. 

Rouxbe is a team of culinary instructors, former cooking school executives, and leading healthcare professionals dedicated to teaching people how to change their lives through food and cooking. 

They provide premium online cooking instruction and nutrition education for anyone seeking to improve their cooking skills, gain confidence in the kitchen, and enhance their health through food. 

If you see Chef Somsak around campus, make sure to congratulate him!