Choose to Reuse

In line with Brandeis University’s waste reduction initiative, we are expanding our reusable to-go container program – Choose to Reuse. In addition to Usdan Kitchen & The Farm Table at Sherman, the “Choose to Reuse” will be available at The Stein, The Faculty Club, and The Hive Culinary Studio at Wok This Way, Greens & Grains, and La Sabrosa for both in-person & mobile ordering via the Grubhub app.

The disposable to-go fee at the retail locations above will increase to $2.50 on November 15. By making reusable to-go containers the default option at our campus restaurants, we will divert over 25,000 single-use containers from entering the waste stream each semester. Enrolling in this program will require no up-front cost to participate and will continue to save you money by avoiding charges related to single-use packaging.

Click here to learn more about Brandeis Hospitality’s Sustainability Commitments. 

How to sign up & use your “ReusePass”

  1. Download the Grubhub app. Click here to learn how.
  2. If you are new to the Grubhub app, you will need to affiliate with the Brandeis campus. To do this, the student will tap on their account, tap on-campus dining, & select Brandeis. Click here to watch the tutorial video.
  3. Add your campus dining account.
  4. Once you have associated with Brandeis, you will see all of the dining locations listed.
  5. The ReusePass Opt-in Shop will be at the top of the location list.
  6. To join the ReusePass program, guests must submit a $0.00 order at that ReusePass Opt-in Shop or order from another ReusePass shop on campus.
  7. Once your order has been submitted, you will receive your welcome text from ReusePass. You will now be able to use your phone number to sign into your ReusePass account.

Once you have activated your account with your Brandeis email and phone number, you can use the ReusePass website to get your personal QR code which will allow you to obtain your reusable box. To check out the container, you will show the code to a Brandeis Hospitality associate, who will scan it and scan your green box. This QR code can be saved to your mobile wallet from your ReusePass account, which can be accessed through Grubhub or by signing into your account on the website in your browser.

When you are done with your container, return it to the allocated return bins at participating locations or to the dish area. Once the container is washed, it will be scanned back in – like returning a library book! Return the container within three days of checking it out to avoid late fees.


How does the program work and how do I join the program?

Students, staff, and faculty can participate in the Choose to Reuse program. The program makes checking out a reusable container a lot like checking out a library book!

To participate, first ensure you have the latest version of the Grubhub app. Next, use Grubhub to order a to-go meal from a participating dining location and Choose to Reuse by opting not to select disposable containers. Before placing your first reusable to-go order in Grubhub, you’ll be asked to acknowledge the terms and conditions of the program.

Once you’ve acknowledged the terms and placed your first reusable mobile order, you’ll get access to your ReusePass account. From there, each time you order to-go at a participating ‘Choose to Reuse’ location, you’ll unlock your personalized ReusePass QR code on the Grubhub app. Your code will show up on your order ticket and a dining team member will scan it to associate it with a container.

For in-person dining and ordering, you will create a ReusePass account by completing a $0.00 transaction in the ReusePass Opt-In store located at the top of the Grubhub app. You can access your QR code through the ReusePass site and save it to your mobile wallet. When you want to check out a container, simply show your code to the dining team member, who will scan it and scan the container to associate it with your account.

What happens once I've checked out my first container?

If you check out your first container via mobile order, you’ll receive an SMS from ReusePass with details on how the program works and a link for how to access your ReusePass account. You can reference your ReusePass account to see a full record of all the containers you’ve checked out, when they are due back, and if you’ve missed any due dates.

Where and how do I return my container?

Containers should be returned to Usdan Kitchen, Farm Table at Sherman, The Hive Culinary Studio, The Stein, & The Faculty Club. Containers should be empty before returning – if needed; you can use the compost bins located around campus to discard any remaining food. Containers are due back three days after checkout. If you fail to return within that 3-day window, the container will be marked as “Late”. You have 48 hours to return a “Late” container. Containers that are not received by the end of the “Late” window will be liable for a $5.00/container charge. Any lost containers that are not returned are subject to additional fees.

On my ReusePass account, what's the difference between 'Due soon' and 'Late'?

Containers that are shown under the “Due soon” section of your ReusePass account are containers you have recently checked out that are still within the 3-day checkout window and have not yet been scanned in by a team member.

Containers that have not been returned by the end of the 3-day checkout window will be marked as late. Don’t worry, late doesn’t mean charged! Once a container is late, you have 48 hours to return it. Containers that are not received by the end of the late window will be liable for an $5.00 charge.


Are the reusable to-go containers microwave safe?

Yes, the reusable to-go containers are microwave safe in one-minute increments.

Will disposable to-go containers be available?

If you do not wish to use reusable containers, disposable to-go containers will be available at The Stein and The Hive Culinary Studio at Wok This Way, Greens & Grains, and La Sabrosa for a fee of $2.50. Select ‘Choose to Reuse’ to save money and reduce waste.  

I am unable to return my container(s) within the return window. What should I do?

If you are unable to return your container(s) due extenuating circumstances, please contact our Sustainability Manager, Allison Deyo, at

My ReusePass account shows that I haven't returned my container yet, but I already did. Will I be charged a late fee?

If you’ve already returned your container(s), it may take some time for the container to be scanned back in properly while everyone transitions to the new program. Don’t worry though, the University is temporarily waiving late fees so you won’t be charged.