Swipe Out Hunger

swipe out hunger

Swipe Out Hunger is a program designed to provide support to Brandeis students who are experiencing food insecurity and educate our campus community about food insecurity.

This program was designed using best practices provided by Swipe Out Hunger, a national non-profit that supports colleges in developing programs to meet the needs of food-insecure students. To find out more about the organization, please visit swipehunger.org.

Request Meal Swipes By Clicking The Link Below


What are the eligibility requirements to receive a donated meal swipe?

Any Brandeis student experiencing food insecurity is eligible to apply for this program.

How does a student apply for a donated meal swipe?

Students can request meal swipes starting now using the link above.

How often can students request donations?

Students can request meal swipes as often as they need.

Where can the meal swipes be used on campus?

Meal swipes can be used at any dining location on campus that accepts meal swipes.

How does the meal swipe donation program work?

Brandeis students are able to donate guest meal swipes via the “GET” app from October 14th through October 31st. Donated swipes will be distributed to students who apply for meal donations.

How many meal swipes can a student donate per semester?

Students can donate up to 5 meals per semester.

If I am approved for meal swipes, will this affect my financial aid?

If you receive federal financial aid, the value of these meal swipes may need to be included as part of your financial aid package. The value of the meal swipes may affect current forms of financial aid received, such as loans, work, and, in rare cases, grants or scholarships.