Meal Plan FAQ’s

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There’s plenty to learn about your meal plan, and we are hear to help! Check out some of the most commonly asked questions below, and if you have questions that are not answered here, you can always visit our Contact Us page to ask any question you may have.

Which meal plans can students select from?

All Brandeis students have a variety of meal plan options to select from depending on their residency.

All Access Meal Plans Traditional Residents must select an All Access Meal Plan. These plans are an optional selection for Campus Apartment Residents, Commuting & Graduate Students.

120 & 80 Block Meal Plans can be selected by Campus Apartment Residents, Commuting, & Graduate Students.

90 Block, 60 Block, & $250 Points Plan can be selected by Commuting & Graduate Students.

30 & 15 Block Meal Plans can be selected by Graduate Students. Staff & Faculty may also select from these meal plans.

Where can All Access Meal Plans be used?

All Access Meal Plans allow for unlimited swipes into our residential “all-you-care-to-eat” dining locations during hours of operation.

  • Usdan Kitchen
  • Farm Table at Sherman
  • Kosher Table at Sherman

All Access Meal Plans also come with a variety of Meal Exchanges & Points which can be used at our retail dining locations.

  • The Hoot
  • Louis Deli
  • The Hive Culinary Studio (Wok This Way, La Sabrosa, Greens & Grains)
  • Dunkin
  • Starbucks at Farber Library
  • The Stein
  • Einstein Bros Bagels
What are "Block Meals" & where can I use them?

Block Meals are sets of meals per semester that can be budgeted freely, offering ultimate flexibility. Block meals may be redeemed as an all-you-care-to-eat or to-go meal at Usdan Kitchen, Farm Table at Sherman, & Kosher Table at Sherman or for a pre-set meal combo at applicable Meal Exchange (ME) campus locations.

Where can "Points" be used?

Points can be used at all dining locations on campus. Whether it be for a coffee and donut at Dunkin, a snack at The Stein, or for your shopping at The Hoot, points are the best way to enjoy all Brandeis Hospitality has to offer!

Are there meal period restrictions?

Meal period restrictions will no longer be in place. This means that students on All-Access Meal Plans can enjoy our residential dining locations as many times as they wish at any time during hours of operation.

If I am running low on points, can I add on more?

Yes, you will now be able to add points at any time throughout the semester through the “Self Service MyHousing Portal!”

What are "Guest Swipes" and which meal plans have access to them?

Guest Swipes are meals that a students guest can use to access our residential dining locations. Traditional Resident & Campus Apartment Resident students on a meal plan can use 5 Guest Swipes per semester.

Students who have unused swipes can donate those swipes to the “Swipe Out Hunger” campaign each semester.

Can I use "Starship-Food Delivery" with my meal plan?

Yes, “Starship – Food Delivery” can be used with all meal plans at all of our retail locations throughout campus. Students can use meal exchanges, block meals, or points to order from the app either for pick-up or robot delivery.

Where can I select a meal plan?

All meal plans can be selected through the Brandeis Campus Card Office.


How often do Meal Exchanges & Points renew?

Meal Exchanges renew each week on Sunday at midnight. Unused meal exchanges from the previous week will not roll over into the following week.

Points renew at the beginning of each semester automatically. Unused points from the fall semester will rollover into the spring semester. Any unused points at the end of the spring semester will expire and will not rollover into the fall semester.

Ex. A student on the All Access + 5 w/ $175 Points will start the fall semester with 5 meal exchanges & $175 points. At the end of each week throughout the semester, the student will receive 5 meal exchanges to use throughout the week. At the start of the spring semester, the student will have $175 Points plus any remaining points from the fall semester. At the end of the spring semester, any points that are left will expire and will not roll over into the fall semester.

I live on-campus, am I required to be on a meal plan?

For students living on-campus in Traditional/Suite style housing. They are required to select an “All Access” meal plan.