Spring Farm to Table Dinner

We got to celebrate our final Farm to Table dinner with our students this month with local and seasonal ingredients. Picture lights cascading down from the beams above, a formal table setting with decorative place mats, twinkling lights on the table, and music flowing through the room.  

Students selected at random for this exclusive event experienced the taste eating local holds. Although it is not about just the food, it is about celebrating the challenging work of local farmers, connecting with the land, and savoring the season’s flavors. We set the table with 5-courses of vibrant dishes highlighting the best connection between the food and its origins. Let us dive into the mouthwatering farm to table menu! 

The first course of the five-course meal was a colorful Stripe Bass Aguachile with cucumber, and serano featuring cilantro locally grown from Our Kid’s Farm in Canterbury, CT (75 mi).  


The second course was a vibrant chilled pea soup with mint, featuring radishes locally grown from Wainer Family Farm in New Bedford, MA (62 mi) and goat cheese made from Vermont Creamery in Websterville, VT (184 mi).

The third course was a delectable tomato salad with Russian dressing, featuring crispy shallots from Hepworth Farm in Milton, NY (194 mi), burrata made from Narragansett Creamery in Providence, RI (50 mi), and tomatoes grown at Backyard Farms, in Madison ME (216 mi).

The fourth course was a flavorful slow-roasted salmon with romanesco, featuring confit potatoes from Brookford Farm in Canterbury, NH (84 mi), buttermilk & herbs.

The last and final course was the sweetest of them all with a strawberry rhubarb napoleon featuring honey locally made from Full Bloom Apiaries in North Franklin, CT (91 mi), rosemary, and balsamic. 

The Farm to Table was a hit not only because our talented culinary team prepared it, but because we got the opportunity to tell the food story and educate the students about where their food came from. We cannot wait to host another dinner in the fall and make it another night to cherish.